The Archangel Celia (celiaflewover) wrote,
The Archangel Celia

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Right job?

It's lunch break, and I have egg and cress sandwiches. How nice. I feel at peace with the world, and I'm going quizzing, as there's very little else to occupy my time with. angel
You are going to be a guardian angel for many
people! You are going to be floating on clouds
and wearing white for eternity. You better get
fitted for your wings and halo soon.

Are You Going To Hell Or Heaven?
brought to you by Quizilla

I had considered a change of department, before I got roped into this job. How I hate side ways promotion. Perhaps the quiz is right, maybe I should consider a career change? I'll get in touch with the equal opportunities buro this evening. What a wonderful quiz.
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