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Oh dear!

I must beg for your forgiveness for I have sinned, though really not intentionally.

I know I haven't updated this strange contraption for such a very long time, but I do have a very good excuse. There's been a huge controversy up here about "computers", whether they belong to our lot or them downstairs, and they've been strictly off limits.

There was an internal investigation, but the presence of American educational children’s groups cinched it for our side. This is unusual, because we very rarely win when issues get around to internal politic level. They do have some exceptionally good lawyers you see, and we really can’t compete. Television being a note worthy example of the problems.

I can't say it's worried me overly to be working with a paper medium again, as it's been a real joy to be able to get the old library cards back out, but we seem to be interactive once more now any who.

It's lovely to be able to watch you all typing merrily away from up here, knowing that your souls are at least theoretically safe.
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