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Lucifer: Angel of the starlight, you are often
confused with being evil in your quiet
contemplations... Underneath it all you are
actually the most beautiful angel of all, and
God likes u more... the others are just
jealous. What do they know anyways.

Which Angel Lays Within You?
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Oh Lord, is this an omen? I’ve tried to do your will, I have always tried...It's just builders are so testy, and they will insist on eating all the biscuits with the pink icing, and...oh Lord, your Mightyness, I bow down before you...just please...don't...don't...Oh God. I am so sorry. I will never call the planning officer a "twit" again...I know I ered, and it will never tarnish my halo again. I am so very, very sorry...
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